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The Premier Hotel is a genuine four-star-hotel, equipped with many five-star-hotel facilities and amenities, located in the heart of downtown Tainan, Taiwan, within easy reach of financial district, shops and the main tourist spots around the city, 6 minutes walk from Tainan train station, 30 minutes drive from HSR Tainan Station, and 55 minutes drive from Kaohsiung International Airport(KHH).  The Taiwan Railways provides a 20 minutes transit from HSR Tainan Station to Tainan Train Station, which is just a 6 minutes walk to the Premier.  You may also choose our hotel pick-up from HSR Tainan Station.  It's NT$500 one way with our Tesla Model S/Lexus ES300h up to 4 passengers, 10:00~16:30 on weekdays.  If you choose to take the public transit, with your train ticket you'll get a NT$100 discount from us.Check the map!

Please check the map to the Premier.

Premier Hotel is a medium size hotel with 80 regular rooms and two suites.  All of our 82 rooms and suites, gymnasium, laundry room, ice machine, and microwave oven are all located on the 7th floor of a huge complex building (Floor Plans), while our lobby and restaurant are on the ground floor, and our parking lot is on the 2nd floor underground, thus, enabling our customers to enjoy a peaceful environment away from the noisy city.  The building is in a highly secured location as the Land Bank located in the same building.

We are hosting approximately 2 thirds of domestic room guests and a third of foreign room guests.  Our discount room rate is NT$1,900 for deluxe single or twin rooms from Sunday to Friday and NT$2,200 on Saturday.

Since we have changed much over the past two year, please allow us to reintroduce ourselves to our valued friends and customers.  For our first time guests, allow us to welcome you to our friendly city and acquaint you with all that we have to offer.

We respect the privacy and security of your personal belongings.  Each room is installed with a Norwegian Elsafe electrical room safe.  We also think highly of your security, each room is equipped with a flashlight.  The Osram rechargeable flashlight works as an emergency lighting which will come on automatically in the event of power failure.

We do have tremendous change in our hotel.  We completely remodeled our first floor lobby and Piano Lounge.  Plus we just replaced all of our 105 sets of mattress and foundation boxes with Simmons Beautyrest, and we now make the bed with goose down duvets and feather pillows.

We built a high speed network for all of the rooms and installed an outlet jack in each room with 100M fiber x4, 400M in total.  Wireless internet WiFi is also available within the entire hotel.  We have a public computer for complimentary use of our customers located in the lobby.  Computer rental (Apple Macbook w/keyboard backlight) into your room is also available.

We have replaced room doors with heavier solid wooden doors with better sound proofing, door viewers, brass deadbolt locks, and German door closures.  All of the bathroom wooden doors are newly replaced too.

A Manitowoc icemaker has been installed in the lobby of the guestrooms floor and a Zojirushi insulated ice bucket has been placed in each room.  A microwave oven is located at the service center.

A steam iron, an ironing board, spare blanket(s), and a laundry basket are located in the closet of each room.  A coin-operated laundry room has been opened on the guestroom floor.

Our fully equipped fitness room is complimentary for the exclusive use of our room guests.  Three complimentary massage chairs, free fruits and ice water are increased recently.

We have replaced our traditional TV with a LCD-TV in all rooms.  A satellite dish has been installed on the roof, English BBC, CNN, Japanese BS-101, BS-102, BS-103 and NHK are all in our channel list.  Regarding newspapers, English Taipei Times, Japanese Yomiuri and Asahi are all available in the rest area of our 1st floor lobby.

Complementary Q-tips cotton swabs, dental floss and an envelope of bath salt are located in the bathroom of each room.  We now use Martex towels from US (wash cloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath matt), and increase reel-out clothesline for wet clothes.  Recently a wall-mount lighted magnifying mirror has been installed in each bathroom.

We provide both fresh whole milk and fresh low fat milk, and we are one of the few hotels to use  only 100% fruit juices in our breakfast buffet.  Orange juice, grape juice, and grapefruit juice are available.

We always pay special attention to environmental issues.  From ozone friendly air conditioning and energy saving lighting to reduction of paper product consumption.  We don't use disposable chopsticks but heavy chopsticks, and we don't encase our bathroom amenities with cartons.  No plastic bags to wrap the wastebaskets, there's only a piece of bottom paperWe use not only high efficiency fluorescent lamps, all of the halogen lights have been substituted by the newest LED bulbsA pot of free and safe drinking water (filtered and boiled) is provided in your mini fridge.  And we reuse sanitized cotton slippers instead of one-time-use slippers.  We hope you'll appreciate the efforts we are making.

Before leaving for Tainan, please check the BBC weather or the AccuWeather.

The Official Website of Premier Hotel   128 Gong Yuan Rd., Tainan 70448, Taiwan

Phone: +886-6-2252141  Toll Free in Taiwan: 0800-773643  Email: premierhoteltaiwan@gmail.co