Guidance:  Guidance indicators on the floor of guestrooms make it easy for you to find your room, elevators, icemaker or laundry room.  And we newly install a British made Taimebeam projecting clock near the elevator.

Gymnasium: Our fully equipped gymnasium is open from 6 a.m. till 11 p.m. and is complimentary for the exclusive use of our room guests.  There are three channels of music for you to choose from and a stack of hand towels are located near the door for your convenience.  We recently increased two complimentary massage chairs, fruits and ice water.

Laundry Room: Coin-operated Whirlpool washer and dryer have been installed on the guestrooms floor, requiring five 10-NT-coins each load.  You're welcome to use the facility from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m.  You may change coins at the front desk, and detergent with a piece of Bounce fabric softener is also available there for NT$10.

Ice Machine: A Manitowoc icemaker has been installed on the guestrooms floor which allows you to get ice yourself with the Zojirushi ice bucket in your room.  Just following the indicator, you can easily find the icemaker.  We may deliver ice to your room, just dial 325 and we'll be honored to provide the service for you.  The ice in both icemakers on the ground floor and on the guestrooms floor is made of filtered water and safe for drinking.  If you are traveling with a travel ice box in your car, you're welcome to load it with ice in the morning.

Microwave Oven: A microwave oven is available at the service center of the guestroom floor.

Elevators: We replace our red carpets with clean ones in both of the elevators everyday.  When not in use, one elevator is on the ground floor and the other one is on the guestrooms floor, so that there's always an elevator available for your use with an open door and cool dry air, especially in humid summer.  Even if you need to wait a few moments, we have thoughtfully prepared a Beck Diplomat brass shoe polisher by the elevator for your convenience.

Parking: Our parking lot is on the second floor underground with a maximum capacity of 40 cars.  This is complimentary for the use of our room guests and their visitors.

Piano Lounge: It is located on the ground floor with a Yamaha Disklavier piano.  This is where you use your complimentary breakfast vouchers.  Room guests are all welcome to use complimentary cakes, cookies, coffee & tea there 11:00~23:00.  Wireless internet Wi-Fi is available there too.

Front Desk: The most important part of our business is staffed with a highly competent group of professionals.  Whatever your needs may be from reservations, currency exchange, fax & copy, golfing arrangement, car rental, air, train & bus information, air confirmation, airport transportation, shopping and touring information & arrangement, directions, to late check-out, you'll find our staff is willing to do just about anything possible to make your stay with Premier more pleasant.  If you have any problems or questions, just ask us.  Touring Historic Tainan  brochures published by the Tourism Bureau in English, Japanese and Chinese are available there.

Public Computer: We have complimentary ADSL service available for your laptops.  If you didn't bring your laptop, we recently installed a public computer in the 1st floor lobby with ADSL and a flat panel screen mounted on the wall.  It's free to use internet and wireless Wi-Fi.

Concierge: Our luggage service center is always staffed with a bellman to handle your luggage.  We recently added a 24" Zoffoli globe to the lobby, very detailed with over 1,000 place name labels in English.  Please check the video clip of map warfare.

Pay Phones: Both a coin phone and a card phone are available in the lobby for you to call domestic and international.  Of course, you are very welcome to use the IDD service in the room.

Rest Area: A cozy place for you to wait for friends and enjoy the piano at the same time.  English Taipei Times, Japanese Asahi and Yomiuri are available here.  A 24 inches (60 cm.) Italian made Zoffoli globe, is located in our lobby, which size is impressive and the colors of the globe called apricot ocean are elegant.

Meeting Area: A large table is located near the elevator in the corner of the lobby; a perfect place for your talking business or viewing documents with another party.

Giftware Closet: These authentic Lilliput Lane sculptures are handmade and hand-painted in Cumbria, England and treasured worldwide.  They are perfect for your collection and as gifts to your dear ones.